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Blog: 8th June 2016

Marys Words began life without a name.

Earning at night and every weekend, as a copywriter, was simply for that extra bit of cash to make ends meet, with no thought that this - what could best be described as – second job could ever take on a life of its own.   Five years of copywriting and hundreds of blogs, web pages, articles, leaflets, product descriptions, CVs, personal statements and letters later, Marys Words just popped into my head and took hold. It was after all a perfect description for everything I had been doing and high time I made being a copywriter into something more recognisable, more formal and more concrete.

The last five years of extra jobbing had drawn on the previous 25 years, and more, experience of writing in every medium possible for the large and small charities I worked for - brochures, leaflets, campaign and publicity materials, journals and newsletters, web content, press releases… you name it, I wrote it.  This ensured my imprint of clarity and my knowledge that the finished item had to be just right, so necessary when you need to explain the origin and reason behind causes and solutions, carried into the work for commercial and private clients and it seemed to be appreciated.

Most of my clients are small to medium companies and charities or sole practitioners, some are industrial units, some sellers of cosmetics, household goods, cars, others providers of services: lawyers, couriers, notaries….all so different yet all small to medium entities needing help with words. Those setting up a business or overhauling an existing operation, graduates needing to impress employers, or individuals wanting a more formal and structured communication than they can achieve alone, all have a common denominator. All have Marys Words playing a part somehow, somewhere in their immediate or long term future and I am grateful to them all.

Please have a look at this website and if you would like a quote please email or call

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